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Hier siehst du eine Auswahl der Bewertungen und Erfahrungen, die wir im Laufe der Jahre erhalten haben - und es werden immer mehr. Sag uns, wie KuKu du warst!

 Alexandra Kuxova
9 months ago
Zsófia Parti
9 months ago
Łukasz Michna
9 months ago
The best camper agency on Iceland😀
Nabeel Mohammed
year ago
Super friendly staff. Well maintained new camper vans. Had an amazing 2 weeks road trip in Iceland. Can't wait for going back to Iceland and doing a trip with kuku camper !!!
year ago
Our trip wouldn't have been as amazing if it wasn't for Kuku campers, they were so helpful in getting us everything we needed for our voyage and giving us great reccomendations on places to see. I can't imagine seeing Iceland any other eay; kuku camper vans are the way to go!!
year ago
If you're reading this, you are probably wondering why we chose Kuku Campers in Colorado out of the many different camper van rental options. The decision took a lot of research but I can summarize it in a 3 points.

1. They didn't try to nickle and dime us to death with additional fees per mile, we didn't exactly know where we were going yet, but wanted to have flexibility on it.

2. Vans were advertised as fairly new, which they were, and in great condition with everything we needed. They offered one of the few Dodge ProMasters that you can fit 5 people in, and could stand up in, a lot of the other rental companies didn't have this option. If they did, they were beat up older vans.

3. There is something to be said about the brand loyalty, no I didn't rent from them in Iceland, but quickly found out they were a lot of great reviews from their Icelandic parent company and having gone there, I guess there is some inherent trust in their Icelandic Brand.

Now with that all being said, the experience turned out to be just great, Magnus was a very flexible person to work with, and even accommodated our travel challenges as our flight was cancelled on the way in. The van was awesome, and everywhere we went, people stopped us to check out the interior. We sparingly used the kitchen table, but it was nice to have the option when we sat down for dinner together.

The van has everything you need to survive, minus a shower and bathroom. We comfortably fit three people and a lot of photography gear. I have to say, but for having a camper van, there was no way we covered this much ground in 6 days.
Tetiana T
year ago
A perfect way to travel around Iceland. The vehicle was comfy to sleep into but we HIGHLY recommend to rent a tent too, some campings really deserve it! The mini camper was jn perfect state, and the staff was kind and helpful.
Kevin Valdez
year ago
Kuku campers has a great staff! They were very helpful upon our arrival. We rented a Jimny with a roof tent and it was probably the best way to spend our week in Iceland. The car was great, no problems and drove phenomenally. Although it slowed down up hill but this was not a bad enough reason to not like it. 10/10 great rental service.
Gaspard Lgt
year ago
Very good campers rental.
I strongly recomend