Cleaning Fee Small campers

We ask our clients to clean the car inside not the outside, however if you don´t want to waste your time cleaning the car we can do it for you. We charge 50 EUR fo smaller vans; A, AA, D, G, I and J catagories (most gas station have free cleaning facility.)  

€50 per rental

Cleaning Fee large camper

We ask our clients to clean the car inside not the outside, however if you don´t want to waste your time cleaning the car we can do it for you. We charge 100 EUR for bigger vans B-C-CA-E-EA and F catagories  (most gas station have free cleaning facility)

€100 per rental

Hiking guide

Must have guide for the finest coastal and mountain walks. Don´t stink and walk. 

€17 per rental

Cotton Towel

The cotton towel 70*140cm, now you do not have to run in the wind naked.

€7 per rental


A good ol' navigator to take you around Iceland and find your way in between crack. (wait, what?)

€55 per rental

Baby Seat

Safety chair for KuKu kids 

€30 per rental

Booster seat (15-30 kg)

So the kiddo can enjoy the scenery as well!

€20 per rental

Map of Iceland

Most legit map of Iceland we could get our hands on. Makes for a great souvenir as well!

€19 per rental

Acoustic guitar

Reveal your inner Bon Iver renting a magic guitar and spread the KuKu Love

€25 per rental

AdBlue Eco fee

We use AdBlue into the diesel fuel to reduce the pollution in the world.  Thanks for your help.

€10 per rental

BBQ Grill

Foldable BBQ for endless grilling sessions under the midnight sun!

€8 per rental

Camping Chair

They're real comfy and feature a beer holder. Enough said.

€7 per rental

Tent 4 Pers

4 person tent for XL outdoors adventures!

€50 per rental

Fishing license

Yearly fishing permit to live off rivers and lakes during your time in Iceland!

€60 per rental

Camping mat

For those who are planning to rent tents then the camping mat is good choice.

€8 per rental

Charcoal (big)

Big bag for big BBQs. So you don't end up chopping down the few remaining trees in Iceland.

€8 per rental

Instant Charcoal

Simpler, faster, lazier. because sometimes you just really need to BBQ right about now.

€7 per rental


because we never have enough BBQ, do we?

€25 per rental

Camping Table

Unfold it, eat, fold it, repeat!

€15 per rental


Add a couple of ice packs and keep your food fresh on the go!

€18 per rental


Real cool gadget to illuminate your life at night without draining the car's battery.

€12 per rental

Wi-Fi 4G router

Handy device to get wi-fi during your KuKu trip. Send live selfies under waterfalls!

€15 per day

Power Inverter

Defy physics and charge bigger devices (cameras, computers) on this universal outlet power inverter!

€22 per rental

Sleeping Bag

All-season sleeping bags to keep you warm and cozy while camping

€23 per rental

Tent 2 Pers

2 person tent for outdoors adventures!

€30 per rental

USB charger

€5 per rental

Flybus ticket

Get set up for your trip back to KEF airport with our partners! Flybus tickets sold over the counter.

€24 per rental

BBQ disposable

One time use BBQ set for one night stands

€7 per rental

Camping Card

(SUMMER) Valid for 2 adults and 2 kids in over 40 campsites around Iceland. Save money!

€179 per rental

Camping Pillow

Camping sized pillows to rest yourself and your soul

€11 per rental


Pled to add some coziness in your Kuku, great combo with camping chairs and beers!

€7 per rental

Gas canister small C300

This gas canister is only suitable for stoves for categories A and AB.

€10 per rental

Camping gas CP250

Suitable for stoves for categories AA - B - C - CA - D - E and G, will last you 4 days cooking twice a day on average.

€10 per rental

Portable toilets

Limited availibility. If you really need to have one with you onboard despite our advice. Only suitable for bigger campers.

€150 per rental

Sleeping mask

Okay, you will look sexier with them, but you will need one to sleep like babies

€5 per rental